Chambre d'Hotes, Auberge Campagnarde du Goutarou
Chambre d'Hotes, Auberge Campagnarde du Goutarou

Countryside Auberge

IMG1We will be happy to welcome you (20/24 total capacity) for your family celebrations, birthdays, and of course that special moment for lovers. The specialities from our cuisine depend on market availability. Please reserve in advance.

A few examples to whet your appetite :


Entrée  (starters)
IMG4 Broccoli terrine
Zucchini in its pastry
Homemade foie gras
Ocean crepe with clams and shrimp
Crayfish terrine
Quail terrine with wild thyme

Main dish
Shoulder of piglet with mushroom sauce and baked potatoes
Chicken with « bouchot » mussels  (personal recipe)
Tail of Burbot fish with creamy bouillon sauce, vapor rice with curry
Provençal stew
Gratin Dauphinois (baked potatoes) with Chanterelles mushrooms
« Courgiflette », baked zucchini with Reblochon cheese (personal recipe)
Salade of marinated Barbet Rouget fish
Porc spare-ribs « à la Provençale » (tomato, garlic, parsley sauce), steamed potatoes with herbs
Trièves raviolis with mushroom sauce
Strips of squid « à la Dieppoise » (mussels, white wine, bechamel sauce)
Perch steak with a variety of vegetables
Veal paupiette (rolled stuffed slices of veal) with basil farfalles (noodles)
Chicken thighs with Girolles mushrooms

Tarte Tatin (apple pie)
Chocolate cake with rashberries
Red fruits crumble pie
Normandy apple crepe
Pies with fruit from the orchards
Grape fruit- clementine terrine with honey gelatine

Hiker’s lunch
For your countryside excursions you can count on the hiker’s lunch (9 euros reserved the evening before) : Terrine or ham sandwich, cheese sandwich, fruit and 50cl of mineral water.

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